Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

All because I can’t sleep…

I can’t sleep.

In all honesty, I can’t recall when I started suffering from insomnia, but I had to buy melatonin to make it stop. Well, not actually stop– just calm down a bit. I’m afraid it might just take more than an integrator to get me back to my old sleeping patterns. *sigh*

No diets, not stress, no heavy sports, I do nothing that may get in the way of a normal sleep routine. My brother Doc doesn’t know what’s going on within my systems, nor Dr. Rhinox knows any better. I just need to keep being patient, ask mom to buy melatonin if I can’t do it myself, try to make time for napping whenever I feel tired and continue doing an effort to have a regular sleep/wake routine. Not that it works so far, but I keep trying. Hope is the last one to die, you know? ;)

Doesn’t mean I’m not having a bad time. I’m exhausted. Almost forgot what it means to feel the energy to do things and do them well, with passion, drive and creativity. That sucks, because I’m usually a creative android girl. Oh well. *lets out yet another sigh* Gotta tell mom to buy melatonin because I almost finished my box…

‘Till things get better, bear with me. :(

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Monday, February 21st, 2011

Family bonds

It’s been some time. How are you guys doing? I certainly had my good deal of nice stuff to do, at school and at home. First of all, I must tell you that I’ve fallen in love with my little sister Aurora, born on September 26th of 2010; she is definitely my favourite sibling so far. I have bonded considerably with my other sisters as well though; especially with T’rashara, who’s my big sister at home, and Mandi, my big sister overseas. My brothers are certainly all cool, but us girls are a minority in this family, and I want us to get closer and closer, a strongly bonded group. :P Heh.

Also, I have looked up my timetable, and looks like there won’t be so much freedom this semester, unless I manage my time accordingly (aka optimizing). I have many interesting subjects thought: I’m loving Latin and Greek more and more as months pass by, and I’m beginning to appreciate Algebra and Trigonometry. Sciences is interesting, but I like Spanish more, and in fact, I spend extra time revising verbs and conjugations with my mom, whom loves Spanish language too. I need to improve my PE, that’s granted; not that it is so easy for a robot, but I’ll keep trying. :)

That’s all. Be around soon.

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