Welcome to Heart Bliss! A small, yet growing icon collective site that offers icons of all my fandoms, especially anime series, a few icon resources and perhaps tutorials. Please read the Terms of Use before using anything. Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

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Oct 2, 2020

A New Home

Sorry for the long absence, my friends.
But, I am back and finally s/ettled in. Welcome to Heart Bliss, previously known as Star Haze. I decided after long hard thinking, that my time with Tumblr was brief and it was time to start over completely. I took it upon myself to narrow down my content and focus on icons. I’ve sorted through all of my graphics and choose the ones with the best quality. That meant going through a bunch of icons and, only about 70 made it through.


I decided that due to my busy schedule that Icons will take priority over any other resources on the site. At most the resources I will offer for now or until I get bored will be Icon Bases since they are easy to make a few Tutorials here and there and mainly focusing on icons. :)

Because PNGs take such a long time to gather and cut out, they’ll just be sitting on my desktop until or if I am ready to offer them again. :( Sorry guys! If anyone is interested in getting more of my resources like Icon Brushes, Textures, etc. just visit my DeviantART.

99 K-On! Bases new have been added. Woah, the directory is getting very large.

5 new icons have been added. The break down is 3 Daria, 1 Animal, 1 Mean Girls.

Lastly, please welcome my newest link exchange Finn of Heimdallr please visit their awesome site. :)

On a final note, thank you to all my wonderful affiliates and linkies and all my visitors of course for sticking around! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the new site. Lots of icons related content to explore.