Heart Bliss An Icon Archive ♥

Square Love

This archive was created on October 3, 2020. Initially, I started with a Tumblr blog posting mostly anime graphics there and occasionally posting resources to my DeviantART. I then realized how much I missed having my own website. So I purchased a domain, got hosted and thus Heart Bliss was born. This site was created also with the help of my sister Kay, who kindly contribues icons from time to time. Thanks a lot my dear.

The Icon Maker

Hi! My name is Brandi and I started making designing in 2004. I really enjoyed those little square things called icons, and thought they were just too cute - I also found the size easy to work with. Since then, I think I've developed quite a lot, finding inspiration in tutorials and just by seeing other wonderful iconmakers. Feel free to leave me a message here. Other sites I own include wildeheartstudio.com (portfolio). Feel free to add me on DeviantART or MyAnimelist as well.