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This page are questions I receive often. If you have a question, look through here to see if it's answered already before asking me about it. Feel free to visit the Ask page to submit your question.

I work with Adobe CC.

You can contact me the following ways: A direct message in the chatbox, an email to contact[at]heartbliss.net, or via the contact form.

This really depends. I really want to affiliate with high-quality sites. Plus, I don't want too many affiliates. If you see a reasonable amount on my list, be cautious in applying. Please send this using our form: here and we shall see. We ignore affiliateminquiries in the Ask us or in the chatbox.

I don't do link exchanges oor sibiling sites. You canso always try re-applying for affiliation again.

I'll try. I'm have a full-time career, so sometimes I can't or sometimes I might not join because I can't come up with a good idea as an entry. But i'll try best too!

No, at the moment I am not offering hosting!

No, I don't have time sorry.

It can be multiple reaasons. If you don't see updates for a while, that might mean something more important is taking up my time. It also might be that I'm just too lazy to update.

If there is a problem with, please notify me immediately by heading on over to the contact page and filling out the form appropiately so I can take a look and get it fixed. If it is a problem with spelling or grammar, please let me know, but it is no big deal.

I usually answer all my emails at once and I try my best to get to all of them, so please do not feel offended if I did not get back to you. You can always feel free to email me back again if I did not respond and I will be more than happy too.

I check my email multiple times every day. So usually, as soon as I read your email I'll write you back. If you use the contact form and don't hear back from me, email me directly or try to submitting your response again.

Umm...a staff is essentially a big stick, so I'm gonna say no. These days, I maintain my sites alone.

Sure! Full credit is given to the rightful designers. If you want to donate anything to the site, click here to send them to us. Your donations are always appreciated.

Of course. That's why I made them. Just don't redistribute them.

I try to use my own brushes and resources whenever possible, but the other sites that I've gotten my resources from are listed here.

I'm sorry, I don't have time. Maybe I'll make a tutorial someday.

Yes, of course. Feel free to use anything, just as long as you follow the terms of use and you give proper credits.

For one, I don't use Paint Shop Pro, just Photoshop, so I wouldn't know how to make brushes for PSP.

Oh no! I'm really sorry. A lot of times I'll lose the name or URL of where I got something. So, if it's yours [or you just know where it came from], please send me the site name and URL so I can update my credits page immediately!

If you would like to see more from a certain series or characters, feel free to use this form to submit your suggestion.

If your question isn't on this list feel free to send me it via the Ask page or the contact form. You may also use the tagboard. If all else fails, feel free to e-mail me at contact[@]heartbliss.net

If that's the case then please go report it here and provide me with some form of proof (e.g. site url plus screenshot etc). I'll be forever grateful to you for notifying me!

Yes, you may. If I know how to do it I will post it. Please include any details I may need to know, such as how you'd like it to be. The more detailed you are, the sooner it will be up.