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Heart Bliss
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october 3, 2020


What does it mean?
Heart (v) To like very much; love.
Bliss (n) A state of perfect happiness; great joy or delight.

I found it really hard coming up with a not-too-long and catchy website name, but after hours and hours my online friend and I thought heartbliss sounded great. I simply love how designs from the heart can brighten up someone's day and bring them joy.


My incredible journey started back in 2007 when I first started making graphics with a site called Webs (formerly known as Freewebs). I owned personal sites and fansites until I a year later when I discovered the magic of owning a graphic and resource site. I was first introduced to photoshop cs3, by a longtime online friend who decided to teach me. So together, we made graphics for our sites, and since then I've developed my graphic making skill quite a lot. Fast forward, I moved around a lot after that, but eventually I bought my own domain, and got hosted. On October 3, 2020 I opened the doors to today, aand heartbliss was born. So far this site has been my greatest web experience so far began!

Sentiments: The site is purely a pastime for me. It's a way for me to experience a different expression of design to share with everyone. My styles have really evolved over the years since I started graphic-making and it makes me really happy to see others appreciating and using things I offer on this site. I hope to inspire other artists out there and continue to design graphics and provide resources to accomodate a wider audience.

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